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"Dry Bones Dance"
Fingerprint Records 1990
Dry Bones Dance - cover

Produced by Mark Heard

Recorded and Mixed at Fingerprint, Los Angeles by Mark Heard
Basic tracks recorded at Plum Studios, Newburyport, Massachusetts.

Associate Producer: Dan Russell
Executive-at-large: Chuck Long
Wagonmaster: Joel Russell
Occasional back-seat driving: Tom Willett

Second Engineers: Joel Russell, Richard Tiegen, Dan Reed, David Miner, Tom Willett

David Birmingham: Drums
Fergus Marsh: Chapman Stick
Mark Heard: Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Vocals, Accordion, Harmonica, Kalimba, assorted backing vocals
Byron Berline: Fiddle, Mandolin
Michael Been: Guitar solo on "Lonely Road"
Novi: Viola
Doug Berch: Hammered Dulcimer
Sam Phillips: Backing vocals 3, 4, 8, 12
Pam Dwinell: Backing vocals 1, 2, 7, 9
Jerry Chamberlain and Sharon McCall: Backing vocals 11, 13, 14

Photography by Joel Russell
Graphic Art by Tim Alderson and Tom Goosmann of Tim Alderson Design
Digital Mastering at Futuredisc Systems by Dennis Bouch

All songs written by Mark Heard
© 1990 Ideola Music
(p) 1990 Fingerprint Records

Many thanks to Dan Russell, whose idea it was to put this band together - thanks for the support and inertia; to Alison Ottman, for her constant help, encouragement, and logistics juggling beyond belief; to Joel Russell, the hardest working man not in show-business; to Fergus and David for long hours and unparalleled generosity; to Lou Lilli for fiddle in the live band, equally overworked and underpaid, and who came up with fiddle parts on "House Of Broken Dreams," some of which find themselves transmutated to accordion here ... (love to Deb); to Jan and Dolores Boles for all kinds of work and handiwork and even home movies; to Tim Alderson for graphic generosity; to Dave De Coup-Crank for the continued use of his antique Galizi Brothers accordion; to Sam Phillips and T-Bone Burnett for encouragement and talking headstands; to Chuck and Sandra Long, Carlton and Charlie for the initiative, financial and moral support that made this album possible; to Jon (1066) Rubin, to Daniel (660) Reed, to John (990) Hardy, to Tom and Julie Willett, Emmett Chapman, Lindsay and Brent Ostrom, Jack Joseph Puig, Mark Sampson, Norm's Rare Guitars, Beth Shaver, Tom Goosmann, Steve Berkowitz, John Huie, Michael Been and The Call, and Gary Heaton ...

And Love to Janet and Rebecca Heard, John and Jean Heard, Susan Heard, Otis and Glennis Russell, Pat and Pam, Milo and Cathy, Gian and Prisca, Sam and Mindy, Ken and Kris, Steve and Cheryl, Giovanni Audiori, and the others (you know who you are).

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