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Home Sweet Home 1985
Mosaics - cover


Engineered and Mixed by Mark Heard at Fingerprint Recorders.
Los Angeles, August 1983 - August 1984.

Mark Heard - Electric 6 and 12 string guitars, Acoustic guitars, lead guitar (except as noted). Bass, vocals, and assorted sounds.
John Mehler - Drums
David McSparran - Simmons Drums on "Power of  Love" and "Miracle"
David Mansfield - Lead guitar on "Heart," "Schizo," "I Want You," "Forever."
Bill Batstone - Bass on "Forever," general hanging out
Harry Stinson - Percussion and Simmons drums.
Buddy Rufus Greene - Harmonica on "All is Not Lost" and "The Golden Age"
Tom Howard - Synth on "Golden Age," "Schizo," "All is Not Lost"
Barry Kaye - Organ on "Forever"

Background vocals by Mark Heard and Leslie Phillips,
except: "Schizophrenia" - Mark Heard and Dave de Coup-Crank;
"Miracle" - Mark Heard and Dori Howard

Punch-ins by: Janet Heard, Dave de Coup Crank, Nick van Maarth, Tim Alderson

Front Cover concept by Tim Alderson
Cover design and computer art by Mark Heard
Photographs by Stewart Ivester

All songs written by Mark Heard (c)1985 Bug 'n Bear Music/ASCAP all rights reserved, except "Power Of Love" by T-Bone Burnett (c)1980 Black Tent Music BMI administered by Bug, and "Miracle" by Mark Heard and Tonio K. (c)1985 Bug 'n Bear Music/ASCAP-NYM/ASCAP-Bibo Music/ASCAP.

Thanks: Tim Alderson, John and Lynda and Chompie's Grotto, Bill, Steve and T-Bone, and all the many friends who worked so hard on their squares.

Love: John & Jean Heard, Susan Heard, Buddy & Vicky, Gian & Prisca, Pat & Pam and the Rooster Brothers.

This album is sold by weight and not by volume.  If it is not full when opened, some settling of its contents may have occurred during shipping and handling.

For correspondence and free membership for a coalition newsletter and assorted joint projects by Mark Heard, T-Bone Burnett, Tonio K, Steven Soles, Paul Potash and The Lucky Stiffs, please PLEASE write:

Mark Heard
Fingerprint Communications
P.O. Box 834
Montrose, California 91020

Concert representation:
32 South Raymond Avenue
Suite #8
Pasadena, California 91105
(818) 796-2027

MH -'83


Tim Alderson
Bill Batstone
Christian Benz
T-Bone Burnett
Tim Chandler
Nancy Clark
Dave de Coup-Crank
Terry Currin
Vernettie Currin
Alex Disch
David Edwards
Rowena Emmett-Stelmach
Maria Finch
Margrit Geissler
Peter Geissler
Hansruedi Graf
Janet Heard
Jean Heard
John Heard
Mark Heard
Susan Heard
Jerry Houser
Tom Howard
Tonio K
Barry Kaye
Martin Kurz
L'Abri volunteers
Christa Laderach
Peter Laderach
Angy von Lerber
Jean Daniel von Lerber
Ed McTaggart
John Mehler
Lynda Mehler
Sye & Ina Mitchell
Leslie Phillips
Gian Sandri
Prisca Sandri
Edith Schaeffer
David Stelmach
Randy Stonehill
Terry Taylor
Pam Terry
Pat Terry
Christie Tickner
David Tickner
Ray Ware
Sue Ware

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