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Christian Humanist Podcast: Mark Heard [2014] Three podcasters discuss Mark Heard and the High Noon album. This conversation has several cringeworthy moments if you are a stickler for accuracy; two of the participants evidently knew nothing about Mark before listening to High Noon. Their insightful discussion of the songs, however, provides some redeeming moments. Listen online.

Remembering Mark Heard [Mark Moring, Christianity Today Online, 2012] Mark Moring interviews several musicians on their memories of Mark Heard, 20 years after his death. Read online at

John Austin and Erin Echo
[Dave Kerschbaum, The Phantom Tollbooth, January 2003?]

Remembering 'America´s Best Songwriter'
[Tim Porter, Paste Magazine, VOL1 issue2, Q4 2002]

Pierce Pettis remembers Mark Heard
[Pierce Pettis, Paste Magazine, VOL1 issue2, Q4 2002]

Songs of Solace
[Chris Willman, Entertainment Weekly, Sept 21, 2001]

Life in the Industry: Conversations without Words
[Brooks Williams, Image, Issue #29, Winter 2000-I]

The History of Bill Mallonee and The Vigilantes of Love
[Bill Mallonee, Parting-Shot, 8-09-2000]

Keeping Up with the Amish
[Eric Miller, Christianity Today, October 4, 1999 Vol. 43]

Popular Music: Welcoming the New Folk
[Jan Krist, Image, Issue #22, Winter/Spring 1999 - The Tenth Anniversary Issue]

Heard Again
[John Fischer, CCM, September 1997]

All the Shallow People
[John Fischer, CCM, June 1997]

On The Tip Of His Tongue
[Doug Wheeler, Mars Hill, Issue 6, Fall 1996]

Mark Heard - Remembered
[Joe Kirk, Cutting Edge, ?]

Remembering Mark Heard - A Tribute
[Brian Quincy Newcomb, CCM, September 1994

Strong Hand of Love - A Tribute to Mark Heard
[Arsenio Orteza, Syndicate, July 1994

Mark Heard Memorial Benefit Concert
[Bruce A. Brown, CCM, March 1993]

A few comments on the
Mark Heard Memorial Concert,
October 1992, Fullerton, CA
[by Mark Ige, 11/30/01 (a Kate Miner review)]

Fingerprints in Dust
[Tom Willet, CCM, October 1992]

In Concert
[Jamie Lee Rake, Syndicate, Volume 7, Issue 4, 1992]

Life in the Industry: A Musician's Diary
[Mark Heard, Image, Summer 1992 Issue]

Looking for the Strong Hand of Love
[Brian Q. Newcomb, CCM, November 1990]

Touching That Miraculous Circumstance
[Roberta Croteau, RELEASE, Fall 1990]

The Curtain Rises on iDEoLA's Tribal Opera
[Milo Carter, Tim Alderman, Dan Russell
and Mark Heard, New Sound, Winter 1987]

Mark Heard's risky high standards
[Terry Mattingly, The Wittenburg Door, Oct./Nov. 1984]

Mark Heard - In Conversation : Part Two
[?, New Christian Music, Vol. 3 - No. 5, 1984?]

Mark Heard - In Conversation : Part One
[?, New Christian Music, Vol. 3 - No. 4, 1984?]

Artist's Corner: D-Day Again?
[Mark Heard, CCM, December 1981]

Have you heard Mark Heard?
[Karen Marie Platt, CCM, November 1981]

A Conversation with Mark Heard
[A 1979 advertisement for Appalachian Melody, CCM]


Appalachian Melody
Stop The Dominoes
Victims of the Age
Eye of the Storm
Ashes and Light
Second Hand