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1. Where to purchase Mark Heard's recordings?

[ NOTE: All of Mark Heard's albums at one time or another have been available on the CD format, but many are out of print as of today ]

~ To purchase Mark's albums released on the Fingerprint-label, as well as other selected releases, please visit Paste Music's excellent web site

~ To purchase Mark's albums released on the Home Sweet Home-label, visit Home Sweet Home's own web site

~ Other webstores:

US: Blind Records
Europe: lo-fi

~ To purchase Mark's album Appalachian Melody released on Larry Norman's Solid Rock-label, visit Larry Norman's own web site. This album has not yet been officially released on CD, so please forward a note to Mr. Norman and tell him your are awaiting this CD release.

~ NB! Out of print:
To purchase the reissue of Mark's first album Setting Yesterday Free (recorded with the group Infinity Plus Three), or the reissue of Mark's self-titled first solo album, both albums released on CD, contact Fingerprint Records or Giovanni Audiori, PO Box 5, Wentzville, MO 63385-0005 (Checks/money orders payable to "Eric Townsend")

[ To purchase the vinyl releases of Mark's early recordings (that is every album until and including iDEoLA Tribal Opera - 1987), you will have to surf the different vinyl web sites of the net. You could as well start your search at or ]

2. Does this website include audio-files of Mark's music?

~ No, but the Paste Store does feature a few MP3 files.

3. How to get in contact with the late Mark Heard's record-company?

[ NB! by now, out of business:
Fingerprint Records
Box 197, Merrimac
MA 01860

or e-mail:
Fingerprint Records ]

NEWS of SPRING 2003:
Paste Records made agreement with Dan Russell, Janet Heard and Fingerprint to become the new home for Mark Heard's music.

4. How to help perpetuate the legacy of Mark's work?

~ By purchasing, as well as playing Mark's music, of course :-)

~ We would strongly encourage you to include The Mark Heard Tribute Project banner on your web site, together with this link:

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