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Infinity Plus Three
independent 1970 / Spirit Records 1972

Mark's first recording - the independent 1970 release with the group
Infinity Plus Three. Rereleased again in 1972 on Spirit Records.
Produced by Doug Milheim and Mark Heard.


Ron Moore
Airborn Records 1973 / Hartsong 1979

Ron and Kerry Moore are joined by
Ed Kilbourne and Mark on this album.


Mark Heard
Airborn Records 1975

Mark's self-titled first solo album.


Mark Heard
AB Records 1978 / Solid Rock Records 1978

Mark's first solo album rereleased under the new title On Turning To Dust.

Ron Moore
Death Defying Leap
Airborn Records 1978

Mark contributed background vocals
and Pat Terry lead guitar and vocals on this album.


Mark Heard
Solid Rock Records 1979

Mark's album released on Larry Norman's Solid Rock Records.
Produced by Larry Norman and Mark Heard


Mark Heard
Palmfrond Records 1980

Mark's European-only release on the Swiss label Palmfrond Records.
Produced, engineered and mixed by Mark.

Larry Norman
Roll Away The Stone
Phydeaux 1980

Mark played rhythm guitar on this live recording.

Steve Scott
Moving Pictures
Solid Rock Records 1980

Mark co-produced this album with Larry Norman.
This recording was never released, though.

Randall Waller
Midnight Fire
Tunesmith 1980

Mark provided additional engineering.


Mark Heard
Home Sweet Home Records 1981

Mark's first release under the Home Sweet Home label.
Produced and arranged by Mark.


Mark Heard
Home Sweet Home Records 1982

Produced and arranged by Mark.

Pat Terry
Humanity Gangsters
Myrrh 1982

Produced and arranged by Mark and Pat Terry. Engineered by Mark and Bill Cobb and mixed by Mark. Mark played electric guitar and bass guitar and contributed background vocals, handclaps and dancing.
Photographs and layout by Mark.

Philips/Polygram 1982

Produced by Mark.


Mark Heard
Home Sweet Home Records 1983

Produced and arranged by Mark.

Philips/Polygram 1983

Produced and engineered by Mark.

Pat Terry
Film at Eleven
Myrrh 1983

Produced and arranged by Mark and Pat Terry, and engineered and mixed by Mark. Mark played guitar and contributed background vocals, handclaps and techno-musical contributions.


Mark Heard
Home Sweet Home Records 1984

Produced and arranged by Mark.

Randy Stonehill
Celebrate This Heartbeat
Myrrh 1984

Engineered by Mark - recorded and mixed at Fingerprint Recorders. Mark also contributed electric twelve string guitar, slide guitar, bass and harmonica.

Pat Terry
The Silence
Myrrh 1984

Produced by Mark and Pat Terry, and engineered and mixed by Mark. Mark played bass and contributed background vocals.


Mark Heard
Home Sweet Home Records 1985

Produced by Mark.

David Edwards
Dreams, Tales & Lullabies
Light/Lexicon 1985

Recorded and mixed by Mark September 1984 at Fingerprint Records. [The liner notes of the CD-release says: "This release of Dreams, Tales and Lullabies is dedicated to the memory of Mark Heard, Poet to the poets."]

Tom Howard and Billy Batstone
One by One
A&S Records 1985

Engineered and mixed at Fingerprint Recorders by Mark.

Randy Stonehill
Love Beyond Reason
Myrrh 1985

Engineered and mixed at Fingerprint Recorders by Mark. Mark also contributed additional guitar on "Cross That Line."
Note: The "Love Beyond Reason" video album (Myrrh 1985) was directed by Bob Lauro and audio engineered and mixed by Mark.

Randy Stonehill
Street Tunes 1985 (UK)

2 out of the EP's 5 tracks were recorded at Fingerprint Recorders, and engineered and mixed by Mark. Additional overdubs and remix of a third track were done at Fingerprint Recorders with Mark as remix engineer.

Altar Boys
When You're a Rebel
Broken 1985

Mixed by Mark (credited as Leroy Cahuenga).


Tonio K.
Romeo Unchained
What? Records/A&M 1986

Engineered by Mark (as one of several).


What? Records/A&M 1987

Mark's release under the artist name iDEoLA.
Produced and recorded by Mark at Fingerprint Recorders.

The Lucky Stiffs

Milo Carter, a singer-songwriter, guitarist, and prime mover behind the LA-based band, The Lucky Stiffs, were tracking new material at Fingerprint Records with Heard producing (see New Sound interview + liner notes of Ashes and Light)


The Choir
Chase the Kangaroo
Myrrh 1988

Recorded by Mark (as one of several).

Phil Keaggy
Phil Keaggy and Sunday's Child
Myrrh 1988

Additional Engineers: Mark and Brian Tankersley. Additional studios: Fingerprint Records (among others). Mark contributed on five songs (backup vocals on four songs and guitar and keyboards on one song each), and wrote two of the songs on the record as well.

Olivia Newton-John
The Rumour
MCA 1988

Mark wrote the song "How To Grow Up Big and Strong," as well as contributed guitar, keyboards and programming.

Steve Taylor
The Best We Could Find (+3 That Never Escaped)
Sparrow 1988

Mark mixed "Down Under"


The Choir
Wide-Eyed Wonder
Myrrh 1989

Mixed by Mark (as one of several) who also did additional production. Mark also contributed back-up vocals on 3 songs and played bass guitar and autoharp as well as did back-up vocals on "Behind that Locked Door." Note: The Promo Video for the song "Robin Had A Dream"
was directed by Mark.

Larry Norman
Home at Last
Solid Rock Records 1989

Mixed by Larry and Charly with Mark at Fingerprint Studios.

Phil and John
Don't Look Now... It's The Hallelujah Brothers
What? Records/Word 1989

Mark played electric guitar on five songs and acoustic guitar on an additional one. Engineers: Mark Heard among others.

Randy Stonehill
Return to Paradise
Myrrh 1989

Produced by Mark with Randy Stonehill. Recorded and mixed at Fingerprint by Mark, who also played mandolin, accordion, electric guitar, bass and tambourine on this record.

various artists [remixes]
Adventures in the land of big beats and happy feets
Myrrh 1989

Re-mixes, edits and link music by Mark Heard (credited as Lee Cahuenga). Remixes of songs by Philip Bailey, Amy Grant, Imperials, Steve Taylor, Kim Boyce, Russ Taff, Sheila Walsh, Randy Stonehill as well as an unreleased song by iDEoLA (a.k.a. Mark Heard).

various artists
The Myrrh Radio Collection - Volume 1
Myrrh 1989

promo compilation disc including "Jericho" by iDEoLA


Mark Heard
Fingerprint Records 1990

Mark's first of three releases on his own label Fingerprint Records. Produced by Mark.

The Choir
Circle Slide
Myrrh/Epic 1990

Mark contributed vocal on the song "About Love."

Randy Stonehill
Until We Have Wings
Myrrh 1990

Produced by Mark. Recorded and mixed at Fingerprint by Mark, who also played acoustic and electric guitars, bass and keyboards on this record. Note: Mark also cowrote "Faithful" - credited to Giovanni Audiori.


Mark Heard
Fingerprint Records 1991

Produced by Mark.

Billy Batstone
A Little Broken Bread
Maranatha! Music 1991

Engineered and mixed by Mark, who also played harmonica

Garth Hewitt
Lonesome Troubadour
Myrrh 1991 (UK)

Produced by Mark, as well as recorded and mixed at Fingerprint. On this album Mark played electric guitars, dulcimer guitar, accordion, mandolin, Hammond, autoharp and contributed backing vocals.

Julie Miller
He Walks Through Walls
Myrrh 1991

Mark contributed backup vocals on "Just Want You."

Pierce Pettis
Windham Hill/High Street Records 1991

Produced by Mark. Recorded and mixed at Fingerprint Studios by Mark, who also played electric guitars, mandolin, keyboards, autoharp and contributed backing vocals.

Tom Prasada-Rao
Crossroads 1991

Recorded, produced, engineered and mixed by Mark. Mark also sang background vocals, and played various instruments including mandolin, accordion, electric guitar, organ, bass, kalimba, whistle, bass drum and tambourine.


Mark Heard
Fingerprint Records 1992

Mark's last studio-recording.
Produced by Mark. Co-produced by Jim Scott and Dan Russell.

LEGACY II - a collection of singer songwriters
High Street/Windham Hill Records 1992

A collection of 13 songs of different singer/songwriters, including Mark's song "Look Over Your Shoulder" taken from the album Second Hand.

At The Foot Of The Cross, Volume One - Clouds, Rain, Fire
Glasshouse Records 1992

Mark mixed, sings and plays guitar on "My Redeemer Lives"
on this Daugherty/Hindalong (of The Choir) masterpiece.
Note: On At the Foot of the Cross, Vol. 2 [Myrrh 1995], the fade
of the song "The Winds" pays a tribute to Mark, as a portion of his
"My Redeemer Lives" is reprised from At the Foot of the Cross, Vol. 1.

Reverend Dan Smith
Just Keep Goin' On
Glasshouse Records 1992

Mark contributed backup vocals, together with Victoria Williams,
on the country-tinged "When Your Time Comes to Die."

John Austin
The Embarrassing Young
Glasshouse 1992

Produced, engineered and mixed by Mark. Recorded at Fingerprint. Mark played accordion, mandolin and Gretsch guitar and did the drum programming (as well as whistle and various noises).

John Fischer
Wide Angel
Urgent Records 1992

Produced and engineered by Mark. In 1999 Silent Planet Records re-released this album as Some Folk's World with 3 additional songs including Fischer's cover of Mark's "Some Folk's World."

Harrod and Funck
Dreams of the Color Blind
Heated Brick Records 1992

Produced, engineered and mixed by Mark.
Recorded and mixed at Fingerprint by Mark during May/June 1992. Mark played electric guitar, acoustic and electric mandolin, accordion, keyboards, percussion, kalimba and swamp gas. [Liner notes says "This record is dedicated to the loving memory of Mark Heard"]

Jacob's Trouble
... Let The Truth Run Wild
Alarma 1992

Produced and engineered by Mark, who also did back-up vocals on one song, and played mandolin on another.

Vigilantes of Love
Killing Floor
Fingerprint 1992

Produced by Mark, Peter Buck of REM and V.O.L. Engineered by Mark and John Keane and mixed by Mark at Fingerprint.

Vigilantes of Love
Fingerprint 1992

This reissue on Fingerprint Records contains all the original songs of V.O.L.'s debut album of 1990, digitally remastered, plus two new bonus tracks from the Killing Floor-session. Additional engineering, mixing and mastering by Mark Heard. Bonus tracks produced by Mark, Peter Buck and V.O.L. Engineered by Mark and mixed at Fingerprint.

On July 4, 1992, Mark was playing at the Cornerstone Festival, outside Chicago. He had a minor heart attack on stage, but finished the set. Afterwards, Mark went to a hospital. One week after being admitted the doctors decided he could make it home before undergoing treatment for 2 blocked arteries. The afternoon after being released, Mark had a cardiac arrest and died. After he got to the hospital, a doctor was able to bring him back to life, but because his brain was without oxygen from the time he died until he was revived, he never came out of the coma.
August 16, 1992, John Mark Heard passed away.

~ Post Mortem releases ~


Mark Heard
Fingerprint Records 1993

A compilation from Mark's three Fingerprint releases, including three previously unreleased songs. Co-produced by Dan Russell and Buddy Miller.

The Choir
Kissers and Killers
independent release 1993

Mark played accordion on the song "Let The Sky Fall"
[Liner notes says "Forever live the beautiful spirit of our dear friend, Mark"]

Randy Stonehill
Word 1993

Several songs on this collection was produced by Mark
[Liner notes says "This record is dedicated with love to the memory of John Mark Heard, who always told the true story"]


Various artists
Strong Hand Of Love - A tribute to Mark Heard
Fingerprint Records/Epic Records 1994

Seventeen artists covering Mark's songs. The record was nominated for Best Rock Gospel Album in the 37th Annual Grammy Awards.

Various artists
Strong Hand Of Love - The Radio Special
Fingerprint Records 1994

The Strong Hand of Love Radio Special as aired on
WXPN's World Cafe in 1994.


The Choir
Love Songs and Prayers (a retrospective)
Myrrh 1995

Mark produced two songs included in this collection.

Various artists
The Silverwolf Homeless Project
Silverwolf 1995

Mark produced the song "Driftwood" for Tom Prasada-Rao, as well as played accordion on this track.


Various artists
Orphans Of God
Fingerprint Records 1996

A double disc including 34 of Mark's songs performed by 34 artists including Victoria Williams, Buddy and Julie Miller, Bruce Cockburn, The Williams Brothers, The Vigilantes of Love, Daniel Amos and Phil Keaggy. [Note: 14 of the tracks from the Strong Hand of Love album is included on this album as well].

Randy Stonehill
Our ReCollection
Word 1996

Several songs on this collection were produced by Mark.

Vigilantes of Love
Warner Resound 1996

Several songs on this collection were produced by Mark.


Larry Norman
White Blossoms from Black Roots
Solid Rock Records 1997

Mark remixed a couple of tracks with Larry Norman. Note: Originally released on vinyl in 1989, with a different mix.

Tonio K.
Gadfly 1997

Additional engineering by Mark (as one of several).


John Fischer
Some Folk's World
Silent Planet Records 1999

A rerelease of Wide Angel (Urgent Records 1992) with 3 additional songs including Fischer's cover of Mark's "Some Folk's World." The tracks taken from the Wide Angel album were produced and engineered by Mark.


Mark Heard
Fingerprint Records 2000

This benefit CD includes two live tracks from Mark's final concert, as well as 4 demos (including 2 previously unreleased songs), and a few fascinating clips from interviews with Mark.

Mark Heard
Home Sweet Home 2000

This limited edition CD includes unreleased tracks (of which three are previously unreleased songs) from Mark's days at Home Sweet Home Records, as well as Jerry Houser's interview with Mark on his 1985 release Mosaics (including audio-excerpts from that album).


Kate Miner
(These Could've Been My) Greatest Hits
independent 2001

Compilation - most of the earlier tracks were
recorded and/or mixed by Mark.

Mark Heard
Fingerprint Records 2001

Mark Heard recorded on what would become his very last performance,
at Cornerstone Festival July 4, 1992.


Mark Heard
Paste Records 2003

Recorded as demos from 1987-1989 and just prior to Mark’s final series of masterworks, Dry Bones Dance, Second Hand, and Satellite Sky, these songs function as the prequel to his brilliant final chapter and a bridge from his earlier work.