House of Broken Dreams
Album: Dry Bones Dance

G                       C
Hear the whistle blow 
G                            C
It echoes down my soul 
       Em                      C        D
It's something I have always known 
G                           C
Nothing sounds so sad 
    G                  C
A cry to the unknown 
       Em                                           C                   D
The fundamental sigh of all who've gone this way before 

   (D-sus)-  D    C     D  G
Lay           me down to sleep 
   (Dsus)- D    D   -  C  G
Come      and comfort me 
     C      D  Em
I'll sleep in peace 
       C                       D         (Dsus-D)
In a house of broken dreams 

       G                   C
I'm old enough to know 
         G                           C
That dreams are quickly spent 
           Em                   C        D
Like a pouring rain on warm cement 
     G                     C
Or fingerprints in dust 
     G               C
Nectar on the wind 
Em                                   C          
Save them for tomorrow and tomorrow lets you down again 

Em               C              G
      Give me the reasons to go on 
Em                                                            C
      Soften the sorrow that shatters and bends 
             D        Dsus-D        C-G
     And mends broken dreams 
Sentimental hearts 
Hungry for the past 
Penniless at the wishing-well 
Memories will last 
And cover certain scars 
Acquired in the daily grind of being what we are