I'm Crying Again
Album: Stop the Dominoes

The headlines in the dailies are the horses in a race

they lead you to believe that life and death are common place
         A               C#m  B E
some believe it. And I'm crying again.
E    A    B       C#m         A         E
Very quietly, the world loses blood overnight
without a fight.
       A     B       C#m          A           E
In the morning, the sickness will hide in the light
out of sight.

The middle solo is very tricky and I just go nuts with different kinds 
of stuff.

at the very end
E       C#m B  E
And I'm crying again
E       C#m B  A
And I'm crying again
C#m B A
oo mmmhm.

When I saw Mark in St. John NB in 1983 he did I'm Crying again. It  looked
like he did it in the
key of Eb with an alternative tuning.  I either tune the guitar 1 step down or
just do it in E. BTW
the Beatles  'A Day in the Life' and 'I'm Crying Again' are my all time
favorite  songs! Note also
that in the metronome (bass) mark uses a rhythm that is hard to demonstrate
without tablature.